Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Welcome Weather.

We had a fairly pleasant, and otherwise event-less, arrival into Seattle on Saturday, Feb 8, as you can see in this picture of a beaming Vidya, after finishing the formalities of renting a car.

However, when we woke up on the morning of Sunday, the next day, we were greeted with abundant snow. All along, we had only heard of rain as the signature component of the weather in the Seattle area. Some friends even described the Seattle weather as similar to that in Coorg, Karnataka, in India.

But snow?

One of the still photos I uploaded to Google+, shown at left, was embellished by Google+ software with falling 'snow'. Perhaps in the manner that CSS makes it possible. (But, whereas the falling snow is due to CSS trickery, the snow on the ground is real).

That led me to review what Wikipedia says on Seattle's weather. On rain:
"At 37.41 inches (950 mm), the city [of Seattle] receives less total precipitation annually than Boston (43.70 in or 1,110 mm), New York (49.92 in or 1,268 mm), Washington, D.C. (39.67 in or 1,008 mm), Atlanta (49.68 in or 1,262 mm), and most cities on the Eastern Seaboard of the U.S. ..."
And, on snow:
"Seattle typically receives some snowfall on an annual basis but heavy snow is rare ...".
That rare occasion of a snowfall coincided with our landing, it seems.

You can also see, below, the 25o fall in temperature between Saratoga, CA, and Bellevue, WA. And, what else can you expect when the atmospheric temperature is 32o F?

And, then, on Feb 10, the proverbial Seattle rain.

Thus, it can be said that we have had a very appropriate welcome, weather-wise, to the Seattle area.

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