Saturday, October 4, 2014

At the Chihuly Glass Garden with Sister & Brother-in-Law.

Badri, Asha & Me (Photo by Vikram)
Chihuly Garden & Glass at first didn't impress me. However, as I looked at the photos my son took while we were at the garden, I relished whatever time I had spent there. Sometimes, you see the value of a place or a visit only as you reminisce through the photos that someone else takes, with a different point of view. All of the exhibits in the museum are the work of Dale Chihuly, a glass sculptor and entrepreneur.

You can click on any of the photographs in this blog post to access the album, photographed by my son.

There is, of course, the official web site CHIHULY GARDEN AND GLASS which does a very attractive job of publicizing its artifacts.

What are these, sticking out?
The 'Medusa'
Take for example the photo at left or the Medusa-like structure on
the right. Glass has blown into these various shapes and filled with some a gaseous substance — hopefully, inert — that is able to be luminescent with various different colors. This is art, all right, but requires an imagination that is able to exploit the science behind glass blowing, and making the colors come alive.

It is definitely worth a visit, particularly if you do not consider the regular admission price of $18 per person to be steep.

There is also a write-up on the museum on Wikipedia.

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