Friday, April 25, 2014

Long Distance Music Learning, à la Skype, on HDTV.

The Logitech 960-000921 TV Cam HD for Skype Calls on HDTVs
Music is everyone's favorite. That long-distance music learning is quite effectively feasible these days is the conclusion of my first experience, today, using Skype on a HDTV for this purpose. I used the Logitech TV Cam HD for Skype calls, shown on the right.

Classical Indian music, in general, is typically learnt in a sitting posture, with the teacher next to the student. For long distance music learning, then, you need a solution that enables a certain freedom for both participants from having to be in close proximity of a PC or a laptop. It is probably a little more important for the student to be in a position of such freedom.

Some techno-babble. Skype's needs for bandwidth are well-documented; for HD video calling, the recommended download/upload bandwidth is 1.5 Mbps / 1.5 Mbps. These days, it is possible to get good bandwidth for $50/month: e.g., Comcast sells 50 Mbps / 10 Mbps service in the Seattle area for that price. (The prices in the Bay area are probably a little less expensive than that for the same bandwidth). And, AT&T recently announced plans for 1 Gbps service in 100 metropolitan areas, and such moves will have the resultant effect of making bandwidth prices go down even further. End of techno-babble.

My experience has been very satisfying and as realistic as anyone can expect; I look forward to my next music class ...

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